Terms of Service

All domain names are sold as is unless otherwise mentioned or agreed upon.

Once payment is received, we will email you back within 2 business days (unless holidays or weekends which transaction will then carry over to the next business day) with further instructions on what is necessary to transfer domain name(s) rightfully over to you.

Buyer is responsible for conducting his or her own research prior to purchasing any domain names from us.

We will either use PayPal or Escrow.com for which OrderDomains.com will cover all escrow.com expenses.

At buyers request, we can work out payment plans if domain name(s) are priced $1,000 and up.

Nearly all domain names are registered at GoDaddy.com and we can give a free push of ANY domain name as long as an account is opened at the same registrar that the domain name is registered at.

If you would like to lease a domain name please note that you will have full forwarding rights of the domain name and no one else can purchase or lease the domain name while you are in a leasing contract. If interested, you will also have a leasing option to purchase for which 10% of the domain price will be deducted towards purchasing the domain name. For example if you were to lease domain name for 2 years then a 20% discount would be applied towards the purchase price of the domain name.

Leasing is great if you just need a valuable domain name temporarily for a project or you would like to test the domain name prior to making a purchase. The minimum period for leasing a domain name is 30 days.